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Making art has been the greatest commitment for much of my life: my joy and solace, a place to explore and respond to the mysteries beyond me. Always enjoying art as a young person, I majored in art and art history in college (Scripps, Claremont CA) and became serious about printmaking, intaglio etching in particular, in my early twenties. This led to opening my own printmaking studio in Greens Farms CT (Acheson Print Studios) where I made my art, taught classes, printed etchings for other artists and hosted art exhibits for many years. Techniques were enhanced when I went to Paris to study at Atelier 17 with Stanley William Hayter and Hector Saunier. Eventually printmaking led to other art forms such as paper-making, bookbinding and marbling and clay-painting on tiles.
My process is intuitive and I am curious about the macro-micro worlds and how they reflect and mirror one other, the repetition of patterns, and the abstract structure of the natural world. I am influenced too, by art history: medieval manuscripts, illustrated Asian mystical texts, abstract expressionism, Klee, Klimt, Degas and many others as favorites and mentors.
I appreciate all of you who have collected and continue to collect my art throughout the years - galleries, art consultants and individuals, mainly in the NE but also nationally and internationally. 
What is displayed on this website is a small sampling. Please inquire about additional images.
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